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Hi! I'm Michelle, the pastry chef + owner of this home-based bakery. I graduated  in 2012 from The Art Institutes International with an AAS in Baking & Pastry. From there I set out to keep learning as much as I could from different styles of kitchens. After a decade of everything from fine dining to food trucks, I decided it was time to start my own venture. Thanks for joining me on my venture!

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the story behind the name

I am a born and raised St. Louis girl. I grew up way out in Wildwood- back when Highway 100 was a two lane road and the Wildwood Town Center was still trees.

My parents' house sits on a hill with a beautiful yard in the front and vast forest behind. As kids we were always outside exploring the woods, trudging through muddy creeks, and climbing on and over everything. When we weren't in the woods we were in the front yard playing soccer, stomp rockets, or making our own slip and slide during a rainstorm across the river that formed at the bottom of the hill. We often had races to the top of the hill, in sunshine or snow, and either raced, rolled or sledded down. From the top of the hill we watch storms roll in and countless majestic sunsets. At the top of the hill was the three trees. A landmark spot on their property. 

The Three Trees

The three trees in the mid 90s

Growing up there was where my mom taught me how to cook and bake. It's where my passion for the craft began, and where I still bring all my test batches for my biggest supporters to try. It's where my girls are learning how to bake from their grandma. It's where it all started over two decades ago.

The three trees are still there today, but they have since gotten slightly (read: A LOT) bigger.

Thank you to all of you who have supported me throughout the years and everyone that continues to support me and my dream! 

Love big and be kind. 


Mom circa 1998

My mom circa 1998 with my favorite

birthday cake she made for me growing up. 

Three Trees Now

The three trees now, nearly thirty years later. 

There is a new set of three trees planted in front of them now.

Winter Wandering

My brother and I relived some childhood memories, exploring my parents' property and climbing on everything. 


Have an idea? Need a donation? Want to connect to an industry professional? 

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's chat.

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